Asset Recovery Services

Asset Recovery Services

Hidden Assets

At GFAS, we consult regularly with clients and their attorneys regarding allegations of fraudulent financial statements, fraudulent transactions, embezzlement of assets, corruption schemes, and other matters requiring expertise in fraud examination and forensic accounting. Our Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners and consultants have the technical expertise and experience to analyze complex matters, assist with discovery, and render independent, professional opinions. We can assist you at any stage of your case or investigation.

Prior to Taking a Case / Early Stages

In the early stages of litigation, the question of whether there are assets to recover undoubtedly arises. GFAS helps to answer that and other preliminary questions through:

Asset searches on suspects
Location (skip traces) of suspects
Determining business affiliations of suspects
Physical surveillance of suspects, businesses, and assets (through affiliates)
Litigation, judgment, and other public record searches on suspects
Due diligence searches on potential clients
Preparation of documents and/or subpoena requests
Document and evidence analyses

Critical Case Analyses

Once a case is filed, you need to determine if and how a suspect has defrauded the victim, where the assets currently reside, and to what extent a loss has occurred. There are many avenues to examine. GFAS delivers unique and insightful solutions to these complex situations through:

Fraud examination and forensic accounting procedures
applied to accounting and business records
Analyses of banking transactions and statements
Examinations of suspects and witnesses
Computer forensic procedures applied to computers, cellular phones,
and PDAs to extract additional evidence

Valuation of business damages and losses

The Closing Stages and Beyond
Whether you require an informal or formal report, expert testimony, or support in either civil or criminal prosecution, we can assist you in seeing your case through to resolution by providing:

Report of examination findings
Expert witness reports and testimony
Presentation of case to civil attorneys for civil prosecution
or law enforcement for criminal prosecution

Regulatory Investigations

Data Mining & Forensic Computer Examination

Expert Forensic Accounting Services

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